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Shouting into the void

Shouting into the void: two sides of catharsis

I’ve found my most successful catharsis through poking fun at my past self.

As someone who grew up with the Internet, I quickly turned blogging platforms into online diaries, finding a catharsis in posting my teenage angst into a public void. Since most of these posts related, implicitly or explicitly, my own identity issues as a transgender teen, there was a safety in “telling but not really telling” anyone about a topic I felt nervous to say out loud. 

Now, as an adult, I can search up this direct connection with my teenage self with embarrassing ease. In doing so, I've found another catharsis in seeing my past self cope with something I've already survived. For this project, I extended this one-way dialogue with my past, with a humorous twist. By go-to way to cope with hardship is through humor, and if that humor doesn’t seem like a good fit for the topic, finding what’s funny has sometimes been even more helpful.

These postcards are 8"x5", designed in Adobe Illustrator, and inkjet printed.