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Home Language

Home Language

Home Language features many of the numerous languages and cultures that call Pittsburgh home. Bringing together local artists and writers from different neighborhoods across Pittsburgh, the exhibition highlights the diversity of our city through music, art and writing.


Home Language is a gallery show running March 1-29, 2019. I was commissioned to do the publicity work, as well as typeset the non-English language poems that included in the writing portion of the exhibit. The show was organized by Project-LOGUE a Pittsburgh organization that showcases the “story of Pittsburgh” and all its diversity. The final publicity consisted of flyers (letter size) and full-size posters (tabloid size), as well as a set of three banners, each 3’x8’. These banners would hang in the front of the show and set up the experience.

The non-English languages were the focal point of the exhibit, and so I decided to show them off, turning varies characters from the feature languages into a typographic pattern that became the unifying element across all publicity pieces. The bright color palette also highlighted the diversity of the showcase.

This was my first opportunity to typeset languages which used characters other than the Latin Alphabet, something I really enjoyed. Through working with characters I couldn’t understand, I came to further appreciate the beauty of typography-as-image, as well as continue to hone my typographic skills. Just because I can’t read Mandarin, for example, doesn’t mean I can’t set it in a way that’s beautiful and clear.